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apaull debut album Fought and Won gets 8/10 from Germany's Faze Magazin

apaul, Fought And Won (Furnace Room Records)

After five EPs the Dutch-Canadian producer apaull, has released a strong 8 track debut album, which was executive produced by Abe Duque.

The album started as a series of “Fought and Won” paintings by apaull, one of which is used as the album cover. Album songs have come out and are shaped by the pandemic and its aftermath. “Annul” addresses online bullying, “Truck Stop

” draws attention to the parallels between the pandemic and government power. “Tight Dope” reflects on the shift in power dynamics, while “Strays” reflects on the human condition. Highlights include “Dogma(x)”, a minimalistic-groovy number that is reminiscent of Chemical Brothers or older music by Boys Noize, as well as the industrial-cyberpunky“ Blue Tape,” which criticize

s the pursuit of perfection. As a complete work, it is a hybrid of joy in experimentation and the realization that the pandemic is the originator definitely left its

mark. Almost all tracks are danceable, sometimes driving, sometimes with a groove – the mood is determined by one futuristic mix of raw electronica and deep techno. Distortions here, dark spheres there, always with distorted scraps of vocals à la “When the world is dangerous then you have to be dangerous back”.


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