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Hot off the press: Review of mushMouth EP by Faze Magazin (p.60)

***The original review is in German has been translated into English***

apaull, mushMouth (furnace room records)

Dutch-Canadian producer apaull speaks up with his "mushMouth" EP. And indeed, apaull has a lot to say, because with the record he simultaneously asks the question: "Do the talking heads we see in the media every day have anything to say at all?" followed by the question: "Do we really have to listen?”

Leaving aside the philosophical-social-critical aspect, we answer the question with: “Yes, we have to.” However, not the babble of the media, but “mushMouth”. The track is a damn cool slow jam groover that includes a remix by NY legend Abe Duque. This turns the original into a smashing house track, while remix number two, Thesis Sahib, transforms the track into a lo-fi hip groove. Cool. 9 out of 10

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