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mushMouth is clearly listenable

My second EP is set for release on 7 October 2022.

Following up on his debut 4Sol EP apaull’s mushMouth EP asks the question: “Do the talking heads we see day after day, on whatever media, actually have anything to say?” with the follow-up question: “Do we actually need to listen?”

We live in a world of convoluted and tilted media filters where unseen arbiters and algorithms determine what is and is not heard, and importantly how it gets heard. If the speaker conforms to a constantly narrowing worldview cul de sac it is presented in an uncritical if not glowing way. If this favored speaker somehow crosses the ordained worldview they are met with the most soap soft mild rebuke and off they go. Otherwise, speakers are vilified, excoriated, and dismissed; and if the mob gets their chance cancelled.

mushMouth is mostly a slow jam and groove that you can dance to or not. On a deeper level it is about one person making an (stupid and egregious) assumption about another group but somehow coming away from it unscathed.

mushMouth (Abe Duque remix) is the New York based legendary techno producer’s take on this track. It has been radically transformed, whilst keeping the essential musical elements, into a very danceable house track. It poses a separate set of questions in a most magnanimous way and dares you to join the ‘basket of cheers’. Expect to hear this remix at a dancefloor near you very soon. Prost.

mushMouth (Thesis Sahib remix) Thesis Sahib is a London, Ontario, Canada based avant-garde hip hop artist. He explores mushMouth through a lofi hip hop groove. The question is the same, but you might feel like reaching for a joint while you come up with the answer.

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